About the ENOUGH Movement

It's time to solve the greatest issue of our time: building a food-secure world. In order to achieve this goal, we must have the courage to work together to tackle this complex issue from all sides. We need to produce more food using fewer resources. We must support farmers as food producers as they make sustainable choices that are right for their business. We should empower consumers to make the healthy food choices that are right for them. We must supply the high-quality and nutritious food that will nourish our children and lead to better health and development. And we must foster the kind of international infrastructure that ensure food reaches the people who need it, wherever they are.

The ENOUGH Movement is a global community working together to ensure everyone has access to nutritious, affordable food — today and in the coming decades. We're consumers, farmers, businesses, activists, and everyday people — passionate people who believe in implementing practical solutions to build a food-secure world.