Greater Outputs, Fewer Inputs: The Power of Innovation

As the global population increases, the agricultural community is tasked with ensuring nutritious food options are both available and accessible. While it may be assumed that we will need to significantly increase our livestock herd sizes to meet the increase in demand, we can instead rely on innovation.

Farmers are now turning to computers and mobile apps to record data for research, while precision technology collects real-time reports to better maximize food production with fewer costs and less environmental impact. While these innovations and technologies are abundant in developed countries like the United States and Germany, they are vastly unrecognized in many areas of the globe. Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia struggle to achieve their agricultural output potential due to lack of science and productivity-enhancing innovation.

Innovations in technology, animal care, and farming practices enables a more efficient and resource-conscious production of food. While some countries have access to productivity-enhancing innovations, however, many do not. Without innovation, we will not be able to keep production at pace with the growing population. With innovation, however, we can feed our 9.7 billion neighbors.