Meet Our Global Partners

“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.”  It’s this philosophy that inspires Heifer International, one of three great organizations we’re proud to partner with that is committed to building a food-secure world. We invite you to learn about our collaborations, and support these efforts towards building a better tomorrow.

Heifer International: By providing families with animals that contribute both food and income, Heifer International brings sustainable agriculture and commerce to communities. This income results in opportunities for the entire community, from building schools and agriculture cooperatives to funding small businesses. Help Heifer International transform lives.

HATCH for Hunger: Protein-rich eggs are one of the most commonly requested items at local food banks, but they are usually in short supply. A partnership between grocery stores, farmers, and area food banks, HATCH provides quality protein to undernourished people through the power of an egg. From sending a text to purchasing HATCH-labeled eggs, you can fight hunger with HATCH for Hunger.

United Way: Imagine a world where every individual has an opportunity to succeed, which would enable entire communities to thrive as a result. By focusing on education, financial stability, and health, United Way promotes social and policy change in nearly 1,800 communities and 40 countries around the world. Support United Way and its work to improve lives in your neighborhood and beyond.

We can each take action - large or small - that will directly impact future generations. Food security is attainable, but we must all work together to make it a reality. Support our partners’ efforts and join the ENOUGH Movement as we fight for a food-secure tomorrow.