Milk: We Can Have ENOUGH

Did you sit down to a glass of milk and a protein-packed egg at breakfast with your family this morning? Did you hit the drive-thru or turn to a sugary snack on your way to work? Or, did you skip breakfast altogether because you couldn’t afford it? Your answer may be simple, but it hints at a complex issue: having enough accessible, affordable, nutritious food.

By 2050, experts say there will be a 60 percent increase in demand for meat, milk, and eggs, and many are questioning if there will be enough to feed our 9.7 billion neighbors. Take milk, for example: this calcium- and protein-packed nutrient is essential to growth and development; however, demand is currently outpacing supply. If we continue producing milk the way we do today, 4.5 billion people will be unable to meet their nutritional needs in 2050; we will be 5 trillion servings short.

By ensuring our dairy herds are not only filled with healthy, thriving cows, but also by the implementation of innovative production practices, we will have enough to meet demand. The impact on our resources is astonishing – we’ll save 747 million tons of feed, 388 million acres of land, and 618 billion gallons of water. It’s time we turn to innovation.