Thankful for Farmers, Thankful for Food.

What would life be like without farmers? Where would our food come from? What would the economy look like? How would we feed the growing population? Farmers have built and continue to build upon four pillars that are essential to feeding our 9.7 billion neighbors of 2050: innovation, choice, access, and nutrition. Let’s join together and give our thanks to farmers.

No farmers, no food. 34 percent of the global population works in the agriculture industry, providing food for our grocery stores, neighborhood markets, homes, and tables. Without them, there would be no holiday meals—or any meals at all. Farmers not only supply food for their respective country, but they also provide people worldwide with the option to have access to nutrients that may not otherwise be available. Whether that means supplying people in the EU with fish or citizens of Russia with beef, farmers are committed to feeding our global population.

Farmers are dedicated. Just like many small business owners, farmers are dedicated to their families, their work, and their customers. It just so happens that in this case, their customers are the 9.7 billion people who will be dependent on safe, nutritious, accessible food in 2050. Farmers are dedicated to taking on the challenge of feeding our growing population and producing more food with fewer resources.

Farmers work every single day, 365 days a year. A vacation is often an elusive daydream for many of our world’s farmers, who wear their boots 24 hours a day—all for you. It’s not about the money, either; in fact many farms are smaller, family-owned farms that face unpredictable markets and tight margins.

Farmers are innovators. As stewards of the land, farmers constantly seek new and better ways to care for their animals, land, and communities. Valuing and preserving resources by embracing technology and continuing education is the core of providing top-notch care for livestock, crops, and land.

Farmers care. They care about the well-being of the people consuming their food, and they care for their animals like they care for their children. Food security is only within reach because farmers dedicate their livelihood to providing for their animals and focusing on a safe, nutritious, and abundant food supply for our global population.

Farmers don’t ask for gratitude; farming is just what they do. It’s in their blood, it’s their job, it’s their passion. Together, they seek innovation and new practices that will increase food production in a more sustainable manner. They give people around the globe choice in selecting foods that will fit their price, taste, and nutritional needs, as well as access to items that otherwise may not be readily available. Take a moment to give thanks for the food on your table and the hard work and dedication it took to get it there.